? DJ Mixes on Spotify & Apple Music
? We are ready to collaborate with well-known DJs and publish your mixes on Spotify & Apple Music

? Highlights:
● The mix should consist only of the tracks of our label group: ADRO Records, Callote, La Papillon, Urban Nature and Blot. We will give you access to our catalog.
● DJ Mixes only ship to Spotify and Apple Music. No version of the release goes to the DJ shops like Beatport.
● The DJ will earn 10% in royalties coming from Proton’s own share
● The mix can be any length. The longer the mix, the greater your earnings might be – since you earn money for every track played in the mix!
● DJ can use any software / method
● To release a DJ Mix on Spotify & Apple Music requires slicing up the mix for every track, similar to the old days of burning DJ Mixes on CD.
● The DJ should slice the mix themselves, cutting each track so it starts at a nice location for listeners that drop in or skip around.
● You’ll be uploading WAV files of each track, NOT MP3s!